Why are we fundraising?

Our mission is to collect funds to purchase a reconnaissance drone for my best friend Dmitriy, a Ukrainian soldier on the front lines in Bakhmut. Last year, we successfully raised $4000 for a similar cause, but that drone was unfortunately captured by opposing forces. Now, Dmitriy risks his life on reconnaissance missions, getting dangerously close to enemy lines. To keep him safe, we need your help to raise $2930.

Option 1: PayPal

Directly donate to our cause using PayPal. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

To donate via PayPal, use the following email: dmitriy.splash@gmail.com

Option 2: Cash Donations

We also accept cash donations in Madison. These donations will be transferred to a Ukrainian account from which the drone purchase will be made.

White Drone Black Drone

Collected: 0$

Goal: $2930