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My name is Ivan Demianchuk and I'm a Software QA Engineer. I started my journey in testing with a basic two-month course in one of the most popular IT school in Ukraine - SkillUp. I liked it, so I decided to enroll in a more advanced four-month course. After completing it, I quickly found a job in a small IT company consisting of 15 people, where I built all the quality control processes from scratch as the only tester.

After half a year of work, I realized that I was capable of handling more complex tasks and wanted to work in a larger company to learn from industry experts in the field of testing. I chose to join "SoftServe," the largest and most successful IT company in Ukraine with over 10,000 employees. I have been working there for about 2 years. ...

Due the war in Ukraine I made the difficult decision to relocate to the USA and now I work on assignment at Meta in the VR/AR department as an QA Analyst. I'm happy to continue to build a life and work in Silicon Valley, bringing the virtual universe closer to us.

In addition to manual testing, I have a keen interest in automated testing using Python. Over the past year, I have taken numerous courses at "Hillel," the largest Ukrainian IT school, specializing in "Autotesting with Python." I also completed the "QA Automation with Java" course. So writing autotests in Java is not a problem. You can view my certificates below and explore my projects on my GitHub repository.

I am a committed and motivated professional who takes pride in my work and always strives for excellence. With my skills and experience in manual and automation testing, I am confident that I can add value to any team looking to deliver high-quality software products.
Ivan Demianchuk

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